About Daria

Your Coach Daria Albers

Through short and practical exercises you will learn how to deepen your mind-body connection. You will practice to integrate mind and body in order to function better as a whole and to connect deeper to yourself.

Simply put, she will teach you skills like mindful awareness, focus, and visualization, which will help you build advantageous qualities like mental strength, resilience, and confidence. 

Degree in Psychology

Certified mindfulness teacher

Degree in Physical Therapy


Certified systemic coach

Kickboxing coach for professional fighters in MMA and Kickboxing

Introducing Daria Albers

About Daria

founder of the mindful athlete program

Daria Albers is a former professional kickboxer and world-class striking and mental performance coach to a variety of athletes, including championship MMA fighters and boxers all over the globe. . She holds degrees in psychology and physical therapy, which she uses to further deepen athlete’s understanding of how their minds and bodies are intrinsically linked in mindfulness and efficiency. 

Daria has dedicated her life to improving people’s performance and wellbeing by freeing their warrior spirit. She is the founder of The MAP – The Mindful Athlete Program; a mindfulness-based mental performance program, which is dedicated to improving the mind-body connection/integration.