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Utilize these FREE tools to start unlocking your potential. Daria shares insight into her wisdom behind the Mindful Athlete Program and explains just WHY it works so well. Get started with our videos and start finding the Warrior Within!

The Mindful Athlete Program is a mindfulness-based mental performance program, which teaches you to free your warrior spirit. You don’t have to be an athlete to learn the mental skills of a warrior. We all need to learn how to cultivate certain qualities such as resilience, mental dexterity, emotional agility, and confidence to live our best life! In this program you will learn decisive tools for inner strength.

Through short and practical exercises you will learn how to deepen your mind-body connection. You will practice to integrate mind and body in order to function better as a whole and to connect deeper to yourself.

You will learn how to deepen and broaden your mindful awareness, to observe yourself, and to broaden the space between stimulus and response – so that you can react less reflexively and more mindfully in stressful situations.
You will learn how to reframe and widen your perspective on stressful situations, to regulate the nervous system, to set goals, and how to use mental imagery to create a strong vision.

You will both create and master your warrior mindset.

At the heart of mindfulness practice lies the skill to pay attention, on purpose and non-judgmentally, to the present moment. With this capability, and the ability of keeping an open perspective, being able to visualize clearly, and unleashing all our energies to fulfill our true potential, gives us the capacity to free our warrior spirit and succeed in life.

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