Week 1 | Anxiety, Stress & Fear

This week, you will:
1. Recognise Anxiety and practice the Triangle of Awareness (audio recording)

2. Observe and name the Stressors. Practice the Naming Stressors exercise. Write down the stressors.

3. Move towards fear instead of avoiding or contracting. Practice being with the feeling of anxiety, sitting with it instead of avoiding or fighting it.

4. Practice the Breath and Senses Meditation (audio recording)

Anxiety is an important function of the brain. It keeps us safe. But sometimes anxiety spins out of control. When it presents itself in this manner, it can be during (subjectively perceived) stressful situations.

There are habits you have learned in the past, unconscious programs that are running your life now. This week, you are going to learn to recognise the pattern of automatic behaviours and thoughts we learned in the past. You will learn how to observe and name those thoughts and triggers, and write them down.

You are taking it from the perspective of an observer instead of attempting to identify our every emotion or thought. You are also learning to move towards fear instead of avoiding it, mentally or physically. You are learning to be with what is present, our breath, body sensations, and senses.

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